Massage is commonly used to relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, to reduce stress and to aid in general wellbeing.

At Caterham Osteopaths, we offer several different forms of massage, including advanced clinical massage, sports remedial massage, and many more.
For more information on which form of massage might be best for you please refer to our website or call us to speak to one of our practitioners.

InterX Pain management Therapy

The InterX device can deliver a safe, drug free approach to pain by providing electrical impulses through the skin to the nervous system. It can help most acute or chronic sports injuries, muscle spasms, disc problems, fibromyalgia symptoms, IBS and more. It is suitable for most people. A course of 4-8 sessions over a period of 2-3 weeks is usually required.

Our Practitioners

Sue Hannaford


Sue Hannaford is a soft tissue specialist offering advanced clinical and sports massage.  She has a high level of training (BTEC 6) and has over 20 years experience.  She works with clients presenting with a wide range of injuries and conditions including recent injuries and chronic pain conditions and treatments to support clients pre and post operatively, as well to help deal with the effects of stress on the body.

An initial assessment, thorough consultation and, where appropriate, orthopaedic assessment, is followed by a suitably tailored treatment using a variety of clinical, sports and therapeutic massage techniques including deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, advanced and sports stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy techniques, together with the use of heated stones.

Full Hot Stone Fusion massage treatments also available, as well as specialised Pregnancy Massage.

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